He graduated from University of Ibadan with his bachelor's in Computer Science, December 2015; and over the years, he has been honing his skills in web development, mobile app developemnt and delving into entrpreneurship & business. He enjoys constantly learning and improving his skills in this ever-changing field of software engineering as well as other fields and domains.

He is an exceptional problem solver, creative thinker and proven leader with interpersonal and motivational abilities to foster collaborative relationship among high functioning team. He enjoys working at the intersection of engineering and design. But beyond being highly talented, he is a dogged dedicated Software Engineer with thorough hands-on experience in all levels of SDLC - Software Development Life Cycle. He has a good eye for design yet core about streamlining processes, algorithms, software functionality and testing before deeming it fit for deployment.

Dunsin is fairly sensitive to UI and UX concerns. He does not mind spending quality time tweaking an app's interface, a transition that smooths things out, a micro animation that provides context, or a font type that sets you apart. This means that even in error situations, or other corner cases, he still wants something nice to happen.

At the moment, he is open to business patnerships, problem solving, technical consultancy, remote jobs and contract software projects.

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